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John McLayJohn McLay was born in 1947 in London, England. He immigrated with his parents to Canada in 1953, taking residence in the mountain town of Jasper, in Jasper National Park. In his novel On Mountaintop Rock, McLay intertwines the reality of his own childhood with a fictional episode in the lives of two children. The story is told from the point of view of Edward, a wide-eyed boy growing up in Jasper in 1954. Edward and his best friend Jenny lead readers through the hills as well as the back alleys of the Rocky Mountain town. These children capture the curiosity of youth and weave it into a tapestry of history, mystery, and healthy humor. On Mountaintop Rock is a historical mystery based on David Thompson’s discovery of the Athabasca Pass. Be prepared for a lively story that travels back to the ’50s and an idyllic childhood.



My Dad Wrote this Book 2 (2)Jack and Poster 1200 (2)
John’s son Jack, now fifteen, was a big fan of the novel at the age of three.


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