On Mountaintop Rock

OMTR cover with shadows2On Mountaintop Rock is a charming and humorous novel which reveals a passion for the mountains.

It’s 1954, in the small town of Jasper in the Canadian Rockies. Bears roam the streets tipping garbage cans, and deer eat from flowerbeds.

When Jenny and Edward meet a crusty yet endearing man named Fraser McKillop, their lives become entwined with the romance of the fur trade and the stories of Sherlock Holmes. They set out on a quest to solve a true mountain mystery. The work is fiction, but it has a basis in truth, as most good stories do. McLay’s evocative style of writing lets you take home your own piece of the Canadian Rockies.


“But today on this high plateau, when the sky is blue and the air is scented with pine, at this spot where giant fingers can walk right up, step-by-step, to the sky, maybe these mountains really are the great folded wings of the Earth, and maybe we can go back to that last Saturday of the summer. So, on this perfect morning, I let the great folded wings unfurl, and fly back to when I was a boy.”
– John McLay, On Mountaintop Rock



MILESTONE: Teachers Win Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching November 2nd, 2014
Throughout the 2012/2013 academic year, teachers Laurie Cassie and Sharon Moy of David Livingstone Elementary in Vancouver used On Mountaintop Rock as a foundation for study in their Grades 6 & 7 classes. “We took advantage of a narrative, which is always a successful hook as we all become committed to characters’ problems and predicaments,” said Laurie Cassie. In June of 2013, Laurie and Sharon took 58 students to Jasper National Park by train to live in the novel for one week. For that year-long project, Laurie and Sharon won the 2014 Governor General History Award for Excellence in Teaching.


On Mountaintop Rock Illustrated by Diane Way
XXXXX On Mountaintop Rock Illustrated by Diane Way



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